Dental Care in Corona, CA

If you live in Corona, CA, dental care services can be obtained when you visit Blash Dental Care. Our office has been conveniently located in the Ralph's shopping center in Corona, CA, for 22 years, and our dentists and hygienists are here to help you feel good about the way your smile looks. We welcome walk-ins, and flexible financing options are available for those that need them.

Whether you need a regular cleaning, a whitening treatment, or dental implants, we can accommodate you. Most of our patients find our Corona facility to be a comfortable, relaxing environment. However, if these types of visits make you a bit anxious, feel free to ask our highly trained staff members about sedation or the use of nitrous oxide. Then, you can truly be at ease as we tend your oral health care needs in the most thorough way possible.

Also, if you suddenly have a Corona, CA, dental care emergency on your hands, rely on Blash Dental Care. We wouldn't want anyone in Corona, CA, to suffer needlessly with a toothache or a broken tooth lodged in their gums. That is why we urge you to come to our practice right away. We will work quickly to get you the relief you need.